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All details about personal data processing by LAZEBNIK, d.o.o., Zdraviliška cesta 2, 3270 Laško, can be found in Personal data protection.


Our website enables you to book our facilities in two different ways. The first is through an inquiry form, whereby a user sends their inquiry and we send them our offer. The inquiry or our offer shall not be considered a confirmed booking, because the essential condition for the validity of the registration is the confirmed booking or our offer by the user or buyer. If you fail to send your confirmation, the reservation will be considered as though it has never been ordered. Further, we also provide the possibility of direct booking (only booking, where the buyer enters credit card information as an assurance), and online booking and payment by credit card (in the event of the so-called non-refundable booking, when a buyer’s account is immediately charged). In this case booking will be confirmed and paid as soon as the Buyer finally confirms the payment procedure. In the event of online booking and/or payment it is considered the user or buyer has read these General terms and conditions and agrees to them. Booking is subject to a valid payment card.


In the purchase procedure, a user (buyer) can use the following technical steps:

  • selects the date of arrival and departure
  • selects number of adults and children

After completed booking or purchase a buyer receives report to their email about the performed booking and the confirmation that their credit card has been charged (in the event of pre-payment). The buyer shall receive the invoice after completed service, at the reception of the destination of stay.

Depending on the method of entry in the booking system, it can be entered by a user at different stages, where specific booking criteria have been pre-selected depending on the permissions to use cookies.


The primary service is bed and breakfast. All prices are in EUR, they include VAT and apply at the moment of the confirmed order. We reserve the right to changes and errors in prices, published text and descriptions of the content without any prior notification. Pictures are symbolic and do not always fully reflect the actual situation.


Guest is entitled to cancel their booking. When a guests cancels their arrangement, LAZEBNIK, d.o.o. shall be entitled to the reimbursement of costs due to cancellation, which in the event of online payment by credit card, when a buyer is immediately charged for payment, amounts to the full sum of executed payment. The amount of the reimbursement of costs for the cancellation of arrangement depends on the period in which a guest submitted their cancellation, the selected type of reservation and accommodation. If you change arrangement at your own request or due to force majeure without any reasons on the side of LAZEBNIK, d.o.o. due to an improperly rendered service, the guest shall not be required to demand any reimbursement or price decrease. Cancellation must be notified by a guest by phone, in writing or by email to the address of the hotel.

Already confirmed booking may be cancelled by a guest without any compensation:

  • 1 day before the arrival for a stay of up to two nights,
  • 2 days before the arrival for a stay of up to 7 nights,
  • 7 days before the arrival for a stay longer than 7 nights.

In the event of untimely cancellation of booking or guest’s failure to arrive, the hotel reserves the right to charge compensation for an unoccupied room in the amount of:

  • 1 stay for booking of up to 3 nights,
  • 2 overnight stays for booking of more than 3 nights,

according to the prices confirmed by the hotel for an individual booking.In the event of premature departure, the hotel reserves the right to charge costs in the amount of 100% of the remaining stay without tourist fee. The exceptions are premature departures due to force majeure (natural disasters, death, health reasons), in accordance with the agreement with the company management.


LAZEBNIK d.o.o. can reject the fulfilment of obligations arising from the booking, if they realise the submitted credit card is not valid or a credit card or the booking system have been abused.

Any possible disputes between the parties arising from or in relation to the booking shall be resolved amicably. Otherwise the dispute shall be resolved by the competent court in Celje.


The provider uses appropriate technological and organisational resources for the protection of transfer and storage of personal data and payments. For such purposes, the provider uses the 256-bit SSL certificate, issued by the duly authorised organisation.


General provisions of online purchase or booking essentially form a contract. By purchase or booking the holder confirms they have been informed about these general conditions and they agree to them. Paid funds cannot be reimbursed in cash. Any possible disputes arising from these general provisions shall be resolved by the competent court in Celje.

All prices from the offer of LAZEBNIK, d.o.o. already include value added tax. Any disputes between the parties hereto shall be resolved by the competent court in Celje.


Upon booking or purchase of services and in accordance with your permission we also collect data about your use of our website using cookies and similar technologies. More information about how such technologies are used is available in the Privacy policy.


LAZEBNIK d.o.o.,
Zdraviliška cesta 22, 3270 Laško.
Phone: +386 3 573 16 10

Splošni pogoji poslovanja

Zahvaljujemo se za vašo rezervacijo in vas istočasno prosimo, da si ogledate naslednje pogoje poslovanja hotela:

  • Za garancijo vaše rezervacije, je potrebna veljavna plačilna kartica.
  • Vkolikor gost nima plačilne kartice, se kot garancija vplača polog v višini 50,00 EUR.
    Garancijski depozit za goste brez plačilne kartice se sprejema do najkasneje 7 dni pred prihodom.
  • Avansno plačilo za goste brez kreditne kartice se sprejema najkasnije v roku 2 dni od dneva vnosa rezervacije.
  • Prijava v objekt je mogoča takoj po 14:00, na dan prihoda.
  • Odjavo iz objekta je potrebno opraviti do 11:00, na dan odhoda.
  • Nepravočasno odjavo iz hotela, vam bomo dodatno zaračunali.
  • Otroke, stare od 12 in več let obravnavamo kot odrasle osebe, zato se jim zaračunava polna cena. Pri rezervaciji, ste otroke, starejše od navedenega, dolžni prišteti k odraslim osebam.
  • Celotni znesek poravnate pri recepciji, ob odhodu iz hotela
  • Vkolikor želite spremeniti ali odpovedati že obstoječo rezervacijo, lahko to storite v ‘on-line’ sistemu, v skladu s Pogoji odpovedi rezervacije.


Za vse dodatne informacije, smo vam na voljo na elektronskem naslovu: info@thermana.si.

Pridržujemo si pravico do odjave ali spremembe rezervacije, vkolikor je prišlo do zlorabe rezervacijskega sistema, ali pa je do napake prišlo zaradi malomarnosti uporabnika.

Pogoji odpovedi rezervacije

Rezervacija velja do 24:00 ure, na dan prihoda.

DVOPOSTELJNA SOBA STANDARD: Rezervacijo lahko odpoveste preko spleta najkasneje do 2 dni pred prihodom.

V primeru, da se gost v hotelu ne pojavi, se zaračunava 1 nočitev na osebo za rezervirani tipu nastanitve.

  • V primeru odpovedi rezervacije 2-0 dni pred prihodom, se zaračunava 1 nočitev na osebo v rezerviranem tipu nastanitve.
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